The Group

Cohesively Disintegration Into Different Equally Sized Units

Mast Qalander Group of Companies took a bold step to cohesively disintegrate itself into different equally sized units. The new units which are working under the umbrella of Mast Qalander Group of Companies are:

1Mast Qalander Traders

The major operations undertaken by the Mast Qalander Traders are of the Imports and Exports. The Mast Qalander came into existence in 1993 in Karachi; this entity has the privilege of being the first wing of the Mast Qalander Group Of Companies. Mr. Manglani started this entity and is also being looked after by him. The Mast Qalander Traders are locally known as few of the biggest wholesellers of lentils and pulses. They also work as local brokers of the traded commodity. It also has the advantage of being a sales point. The volume of import has been steady in the last 5 years of operations and the volume has been touching a phenomenal figure 50000 tones per year. Mast Qalander Traders is working with efficiency, professional knowledge and outstanding credibility since 1993 and today holds the place of one of the top notch entities in the industry.

2Farhat Enterprises

Farhat Enterprises started the business in the year 2003 and primarily works as an Importer-Exporter. Farhat Enterprises is controlled by Mr. Suresh Kumar Manglani. The company started operations from Karachi. It also works as a local trader and enjoys huge market credibility. The distinguishing factors about Farhat Enterprises are that, they import the commodity in bulks and especially in a large quantity to facilitate the local vendors and whole sellers. Farhat Enterprises has been able to achieve the milestone in just under the period of 4 years, which many of the trading enterprises are still striving for and are also much older than Farhat Enterprises. The comparative advantage that Farhat Enterprises enjoys is due to the proper operative management and beneficial corporate decisions.

3Jahaan Enterprise

The fourth branch of the Mast Qalander Group Of Companies is the Indenting Company (Agency). Jahaan Enterprise started working in the year 2004 and is looked-after by Naresh Kumar Manglani. Jahaan Enterprise undertakes the indenting of several commodities. These goods are imported and also batched up locally. The major indenting operations are done in lentils, chickpeas, red kidney beans, yellow peas, white chick peas, wheat, rice, black-eyed beans, black matpae, sugar, green mung beans, moth beans (Sibbi and Thar origin) and desi chickpeas. Jahaan Enterprise has worked its way up in the competition a great deal. The indenting facility has given a great deal of business to the ancillary companies.

4Mast Qalandar Rice Mills

Mast Qalander Rice Mills deal in all Basmati & Non Basmati Rice. We Have 10 M/Tons a Hour Capacity of Processing rice our daily production of rice 10 x 20ft container’s. We are regularly supplying Best quality of Medium And Large Grain Rice from few of the best processing units installed with high-grade machines including the state-of-art sortex facilities.

We are exporting below rice which is very nameable in market. Our Major Exporting Countries South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, West Africa, Middle East, Gulf, Asian Countries, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia & Malaysia

The Company is being driven by its success to his well-trained and dedicated team of professionals having extensive experience. The employees are professionally trained to update their knowledge base and to keep abreast of the changing business environment through international standards.

We serve our clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a true business partner. We believe in treating our employees as one family because they are our strength. We are committed to mutually shared values and believe in achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with extraordinary emphasis on the creation of value. The Company is committed to quality management and continually strives to improve processes for its clients.

Its name has become a synonymous for providing the highest quality rice to its customers Mast Qalander Rice Mills team believes that its customers are always on top priority, its customers wishes are prime and meeting its needs is crucial


Mast Qalander Rice Mills plays a strategic role in the raq and processed rice trading value chain including origination, processing, branding, merchandising, distribution and exports, there by reaping operational synergies and cost efficiencies transferring final benefit to end user.

We are committed to mutually shared values and believe in achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with extraordinary emphasis on the creation of value. The Company is committed to quality management and continually strives to improve process for its clients.

Nutritional Benefits:
And Significance

The nutrition information pertaining to rice primarily specifies an easy to digest food. It is low in fat, low in cholesterol, high in starch, having high nutritional content and an excellent source of energy. It comprises good percentage of carbohydrate which is one of the human body’s two main sources of energy.

Rice also contains a range of important nutrients, including B and E vitamins, protein and minerals especially potassium which helps the body reduce toxins.

Moreover, rise is fundamentally important to various cultures particularly main course dish for Middle East and Asian population. Children are also served with rice as their first solid food. Hence it is an important element of food that is a significant food item in sustaining both the world’s appetites and cultural traditions in history and also in the present day.

Rice production in Pakistan
Rice production in Pakistan hold an extremely position in agriculture and a national Economy. Pakistan is the world’s 11 largest producers of rice, after china, India, Indonesia Bangladesh , Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, philippeines, brazil and Japan. Each year it produce an average of 6 million tones and together with the rest of the south Asia, the country is responsible for supplying 30% of the world’s paddy rice output. Most of the these crops are grown in the fertile sindh and Punjab region with millions of farmers relying on rice cultivation as their major source of employment. Among the most famous varieties grown in Pakistan include the Basmati, know for its flavor and quality. Pakistan is a major producer of this variety.

Mast Qalander
Rice mills
MQ Rice mills are the prominent Rice Exporter of finest & premium quality Basmati and Non- Basmati Rice in Pakistan. MQ Rice Mills are Ranked amongst the prestigious companies dealing in agro commodities and member of Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan REAP, Karachi chamber of commerce and industry and an ISO 22000:2005 Certified company.

MQ rice Mills is modern and sophisticated rice mil as per European standards, having capacity to mill rice in significant quantities and including grading, color sortex, de-stoning, polishing (silky polish, double, single or regular polish),grain length sorting and uniformity and blending. All steps are performed under strict quality management system, best practices are followed and quality control check points for scrutinizing the product quality and hazards analysis. The entire process flow quality management and product quality vigilance and inspection procedures.

Technology And on Site Facilities
The state of the are plant offers an innovative and sophisticated Japanese Sortex machines, ensuring perfection of every grain. The plant features the most recent technology with a milling capacity of 10 metric tons per hour. Special machinery and Techniques are used to ensure the quality of rice, ensuring strict standardization and processing procedures. The plant has its own in-house power generation system with approximate capacity of 1000 KVA Generator from Germany and UK, capable of providing the plant with ample electricity as well as in house water purification plant. Also have in-house facility for weight platform capacity to weigh up to 80 metric tones.

Getting the Perfect Grain
The rice milling system removes the husk and the brain layers from paddy rice to produce whole rice kernels that are sufficiently milled , free of impurities and contain a minimum number of broken kernels. The polishing is done through mist polisher and whitening machines to achieve pearl whiteness of each grain. The specialized machinery sift the broken rice particles and segregates them by length hence yielding a uniform appearance. This process guarantees perfect white clean ready to cook rice.

Quality Control
Quality Control at Mast Qalander Rice Mills is an extremely crucial stage and rigorous control measures are adopted and maintained to provide the best grain to the end consumer, from procurement to delivery, Fumigation of the processed rice is carried out prior to packaging. Skilled and experienced personnel supervise every step of the process from start to finish culminating with quality that is in line with ISO 22000-2005 / HACCP policy. Maintaining the quality of the product as per given specification is a process closely monitored by the management.

Certification And Awards

  • Iso 22000-2005
  • FDA
  • REAP
  • Karachi chamber of commerce and industry

WorldWide Exports
Our strict adherence and commitment to quality has enable us to export rice to the following countries:

  • Middles East – United Arab Emirates, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar , Oman.
  • Europe – United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland;
  • Far – East Singapore;
  • Africa – Kenya, Senegal, Sierra Leone;
  • Russian Federation;

Our Aim
The Aim of Mast Qalander Rice Mills is to maintain its safe rice processing , commercialization of rice with sophisticated Technology to produce exceptional Quality of rice.