Mast Qalander Industries- Pulses Splitting and Processing Unit, is a Trading Value Chain Including Origination, Processing, Branding, Merchandising And Distribution

All steps are performed under strict quality management system, best practices are followed and quality control check points for scrutinizing the product quality and hazards analysis. The entire process flow quality management and product quality vigilance and inspection procedures.

Green Mung Beans

Black Matpe (Urid Whole)

Kala Chana (Desi Chickpeas)

Pigeon Peas

Whole Red Lentils

Whole Moth Beans

Red Lentils (Football)

Urad Goda ( Black Matpe Whole Wihtout Skin)

Urid Chilka (Blackmatpe Split With Skin)

Urid Dal (Black Matpe Split Without Skin)

Mung Chilka (Split With Skin)

Mung Dal (Split Without Skin)

Chana Dal

Toor Dal (Split Pigeon Pea)

Red Split Lentils